Mindful life coach

margaret Gray

+61 414 940 242

How it works

Step 1

Discovery call

Let’s chat, for me to hear and get a hold on, what is going on for you right now, for us to see if we are a good fit and get a sense that we be able to work together.

Step 2

One on One sessions

Once we gain a deeper understanding of what drives your results in life, you will Learn Valuable techniques to overcome barriers and get “unstuck”

Coaching Programs

Together we will explore areas of your life that you would like to see improve.

Work out strategies to gain a deeper understanding of what drives your results in life.

We will employ techniques that will assist with helping you overcome roadblocks in your life. Usingthe appropriate individualised tools we will work towards developing strategies that you will seeand feel positive change to enable you to view, experience& resonate with the world, in a betterlight and feel YOUR amazing.

Personalised self hypnosis sound track of empowerment.

As we work together, life situations change and united we will deal with those changes andempower you to handle whatever comes yourway.

Conscious Hypnosis

In the first week there will be 2 sessionss (which can be in person or via Zoom).

In the second, third and fourth weeks there will be one session (which can be in person or Zoom)

After one month we will touch base and see how things are going for you and If required another hypnosis session (included)