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margaret Gray

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I am Mental Health First Aid certified, and have studied various modalities ranging from Life Coaching, Conscious hypnosis, Time Line therapy, NLP, Pranic healing. My interest in living the best life available, is the driver for my study and I know that each person is unique so you need to find a way that is Right 4 You (hence the name).

My life journey has had its challenges (as many peoples have) over this journey I have personally sought various modalities of support and have found not one particular practice to have got me to where I am today.

With my integrative approach I will guide you to live the best life for you and I take pride in this… one person’s life experience is the same as another!

Having taken a particular interest in trauma and the way that this plays out in how we do life and the impact that living life through Trauma lenses… huge!

It shows up in mental and physical symptoms. Depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, gut issues, chronic pain, sleep troubles, addiction & so much more.

Inability to move forward, procrastination, disassociation, playing small, fear of failure or success, scattered thoughts & again so much more.

Being a mother of two boys and love to watch them play sport, I have enjoyed every moment (well nearly every moment ;-)). Watching them grow and develop into young men and look forward to watching their lives unfold. I have supported them and provided them with tools to make the most of life and be good human beings”, only time will tell if they utilise the tool provided.

I am an adventurer and enjoy spending time in nature and take every opportunity to get away to the Country. With a love of bush walking and bike riding I like to think I am ok at taking photos…lol!
Looking forward to working with you in an integrative way to explore and help you find your amazing!

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